US group of dog lovers to felicitate AAP leader Ashutosh for loving Mogu


STAMFORD, USA: Respected TV journalist turned AAP leader Ashutosh has been awarded for the fatherly love he has been showing to his pet dogs Mogu and Chhotu. Those who follow Ashutosh on Twitter know about this love, but now this fact is being known world over.

A group of dog lovers known as CCC (Canine Community of Connecticut) has decided to honor Aashutosh in a public function and given him an award of OCD (Overseas Canine Devotee) to recognize his love for his pet dogs.

A representative of CCC told Junta Ka Reporter that Ashutosh had beaten around 100 contestants to win the OCD title. These include dog lovers from counties like Iceland and Germany to those in Thailand and Mongolia.

“Ashutosh was the best among all candidates. He had allowed his dogs to lick him and had shared biscuits in breakfast. Such love is rare these days,” said Thomas Manning, the President of CCC.

It is said that Ashutosh was very angry and depressed during his journalistic days when he was slapped by late BSP leader Kanshi Ram. His own friends used to laugh at him but a couple of stray dogs showed a lot of love to him during those days.

Impressed with this selfless love given by dogs, Ashutosh decided to devote his life for betterment of dogs ever since, sources close to the former journalist reveal. Ashutosh later joined AAP to continue the mission.

He has often tweeted about Mogu and Chhotu and posted their pictures on Twitter. Mogu is considered to be his favorite though Chhotu is also loved equally by him.

If Ashutosh accepts the OCD title by CCC, he could be traveling to the USA in August to accept the award. It is not clear if Mogu and Chhotu too will be traveling with him.