After Brexit, British voters wish they had a responsible leader like Arvind Kejriwal


LONDON: In a referendum, the citizens of United Kingdom (UK) have voted in favor of leaving the European Union (EU). The numbers of those favoring leaving the EU were only a few percentages more than the number wanting to remain in the EU.

A lot of liberal and intellectual people have said that Brexit i.e. UK leaving the EU was a wrong choice and the better thing to do would have been to remain in EU. This has left many citizens feeling bad that just a few percentages caused a bad decision in the referendum.

Latest reports suggest that a lot of British citizens now wish that they had a leader like Arvind Kejriwal who could have made people go for the choice that liberal and intellectual people preferred.

“Only someone like Kejriwal has the power to convince the common man about intellectual issues,” Bob Brendan, a resident of South London told this reporter on phone. “We British people now wish we had a leader like Arvind Kejriwal.”

It should be noted that Arvind Kejriwal had got hugely popular support in Delhi assembly elections last year, winning 67 out of 70 seats and getting almost 55% of the votes. British citizens now want a similar result in favor of remaining in EU.

Perhaps it’s right time for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to register itself as a British political party and fight the next elections?