Will molest the cow next time before killing it: Youth Congress


KANNUR: After slaughtering a cow publicly to oppose the fascist agenda of cow slaughter, Youth Congress has decided to up the ante to combat communal forces and save democracy in India.

Youth Congress, the intellectual arm of Congress party that takes members only below 50 years of age, had yesterday killed a cow in public view after Modi government passed orders banning sale of cattle for slaughter. Not only the outfit killed a cow publicly, they displayed the meat in open and had a beef party publicly.

“We have to attack the root cause of the problem to fight fascism,” Kalluri Kalludi, treasurer of Youth Congress told Junta Ka Reporter, “The root cause is the cow. Hindus, who are 31% of Indian population, worship the animal, but want to impose their views on rest of the 69%. We can’t allow this!”

Kalludi justified killing of the cow in public, saying the step will send a message to regressive Hindus that cow was not a god and it can be easily killed.

“Once they are convinced that cow is not a god, they will stop worshiping it, and after that they will stop stopping others from killing it,” he explained.

When this reporter pointed out that Rahul Gandhi, the ultimate youth leader in Congress, had condemned the incident, Kalludi said that it was a misinterpretation by the media.

“Go read the tweet again; where does Rahul ji say that public killing of cow is condemned? You know, he is condemning the fact that we did not try enough. Merely killing the cow is not enough,” Kalludi claimed.

Our reporter read the tweet, and it seems Kalludi was right:

When asked what will he do next so that Rahul Gandhi is happy, Kalludi said that next time Youth Congress members will molest a cow before publicly killing it. They will also record a video of cow being molested and make it viral on social media with help from senior lawyers and journalists.

“Hindus not only worship the animal, they consider it as their mother. Hindu sense of respect has to be attacked and weakened for strengthening secularism. We will molest the cow so that a strong message is sent that cow is not anyone’s mother or sister,” the Youth Congress treasurer said.

The workers were searching Pakistani websites on how to molest a cow when reports last came in.