US congress invites Arvind Kejriwal for a guest lecture, L-G blocks invite


WASHINGTON: The US congress, which is like the parliament of India, has decided to invite anti-corruption crusader and founder of Aam Aadmi Paty (AAP), Arvind Kejriwal to address a joint session of the house and the senate.

Sources say that the US congressmen were not too happy with the speech delivered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month and wanted someone “more knowledgeable” and someone with more liberal credentials to address them.

“Those clapping and standing ovation after Modi’s speech that you witnessed on TV were all fake and staged. Many congressmen later conceded in private that the speech was not good and they wanted a better Indian leader to come over,” a source in US revealed to Junta Ka Reporter.

Sources confirm that a formal invite to this effect has been prepared and the US ambassador to India is expected to deliver it to the Delhi secretariat next week.

However, sources say that the Lieutenant-General (L-G) of Delhi, Najeeb Jung could block this invite on technical grounds and stop Arvind Kejriwal from addressing the US congress.

“L-G could raise issues like the post of a Chief Minister is not fit to indulge in acts that are reserved for national heads of governments. This could be flagged as violation of international protocol,” an officer working in the L-G’s office revealed on conditions of anonymity.

“Kejriwal addressing US congress and getting better reviews than Modi would have been big blow to Modi, so L-G has been asked to block this,” the officer claimed.

This news has come close to the expose by Junta Ka Reporter where Narendra Modi was reported to have blocked Nobel Peace Prize for Arvind Kejriwal. Analysts claim that these incidents prove that Narendra Modi is worried about his falling popularity and considers Arvind Kejriwal as his main challenger.

“Kejriwal might miss a few prizes and opportunities to address international gatherings, but he will benefit immensely at the domestic level,” neutral analyst and commentator Abhay Kumar Dubey said, “Frankly Kejriwal has nothing to worry as he will receive these prizes and address such gatherings once he wins the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Till then, such petty politics from Modi is expected to continue.”

While AAP has not yet reacted to the development, the news has once again raised concerns if the L-G of Delhi is acting as an agent of the BJP and Narendra Modi.