Manish Sisodia seen sad and concerned for Delhi while taking selfie in Brazil


SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: It is slowly becoming clear that Aam Aadmi Party leaders and ministers in Delhi cabinet are helping people of Delhi even though they are not physically present in Delhi.

A day after it was known that Health Minister Satyender Jain was finding herbs in Goa to cure Dengue, it has now been discovered that even Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has been thinking about people of Delhi while being in Brazil.

On Wednesday, the party released a selfie that was taken by Sisodia while he was moving around in Brazil. Sisodia is seen sad and is not even smiling, though he is seen to be present at a high point somewhere in Brazil.

“People get excited even when they are on a terrace and taking a selfie with three or four buildings in the background. Here Manish was standing at the top of a mountain and yet he was not showing any excitement. Why? Because he was concerned for people of Delhi!” AAP leader Ashutosh said.

“Go to Google and search for Modi selfies. Modi is smiling in all of them. Does media have the guts to question Modi?” Ashutosh further argued as he distributed copies of Sisodia’s selfie to journalists.

Later on in the press conference, Ashutosh started crying over people dying due to Dengue and Chikungunya. He left the press conference mid way, after which Dilip Pandey took charge.

“This is the level of humanity in our leaders. Ashutosh is crying while thousands of miles away Sisodia is also sad. What about Modiji? Where is he? Where is LG? Where is MCD? Have you seen them crying or sad?” Pandey posed.

The counter by AAP has left BJP dumbfounded. The party failed to produce a single selfie where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen sad and worried for India.

“They might claim that Modi is not sad because ‘achchhe din’ are here. But that will be a lie. AAP cares for people while BJP cares only about selfies,” neutral journalist Abhay Kumar Dubey told Junta Ka Reporter.