Hafiz Saeed apologizes for leaving out Kejriwal while praising Barkha and Congress


ISLAMABAD: Hafiz Saeed, the spiritual leader of Pakistan and head of news agency Jamat-ul-Dawa, has apologized for not praising AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a TV interview, where he had praised NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt and leaders of the Congress party of India.

In the interview, Saeed had attacked the government of India led by Narendra Modi and people like Arnab Goswami, who keep blaming Pakistan for terrorism and violence in India. Hafiz Saeed said that some Congress leaders and Barkha Dutt were doing good work as they understood the Pakistani point of view.

However, there was huge outrage in Pakistan over this statement, and protests were carried out against Hafiz Saeed for the first time in the largely peaceful country. People were angry that Saeed had not bothered to praise someone like Arvind Kejriwal, who was doing better work than Barkha Dutt or Congress leaders.

“Our main enemy is Modi, and Modi is scared of Arvind Kejriwal. This proves that our main friend is Arvind Kejriwal. It’s a shame that someone as educated and senior like Hafiz Saeed failed to recognize this simple fact,” Amanatullah Khan, one of the protestors from Karachi told Junta Ka Reporter.

“Yes, Barkha and congress leaders are doing good work, but the best work is being done by Arvind Kejriwal. He is exposing Modi for everything. Disappointed that Hafiz sahib didn’t mention him in his interview,” another Pakistani fan and supporter of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said.

Protests were held in many cities across Pakistan, where people demanded Hafiz Saeed to come clean on his intentions and explain why he left out Arvind Kejriwal from the list of people doing good work in India.

Sources confirm that not only ordinary Pakistanis, many defense experts, army officials, and ISI operatives too condemned Hafiz Saeed for failing to praise Kejriwal, who has been leading a relentless and honest fight against a violent and communal Narendra Modi.

Following this widespread criticism, Hafiz Saeed finally issued a statement this afternoon where he apologized for this error of judgment.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to belittle what Kejriwal Janaab is doing. He is doing very good work. Proud of you Arvind!” Hafiz Saeed tweeted, after which protestors withdrew from the streets.