China says it will support India in NSG if Kejriwal becomes PM


BEIJING: The Chinese media is reporting that the Government of China will not support India’s bid to gain membership of NSG (Nuclear Supplier’s Group) but it may do so in future. The change in China’s approach towards India is dependent upon change in Indian leadership, reports say.

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trying to show that he’s friendly with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but the truth is that the Paramount Leader is not impressed with the Indian PM,” Chinese newspaper China Daily Times quoted an expert in a report published yesterday.

China is lobbying with other nations to vote against India’s bid to gain entry in NSG as the current Chinese leadership sees Narendra Modi as an unreliable leader, but the Chinese top leadership is reported to be impressed with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The working and ideology of Kejriwal has impressed not only the experts in China but the Communist Party too, which has praised the Delhi Chief Minister for its pro-people policies.

“On his one of the earlier official tours of India, Xi Jinping wanted to meet Mr. Kejriwal, but Modi cunningly shifted the venue to meeting to Ahmedabad instead of New Delhi. Such incidents have only weakened the relationship between India and China,” China Daily Times has claimed.

Chinese media is confident that relationship between China and India will improve a lot if and when Arvind Kejriwal becomes the Prime Minister of India.

“From the current atmosphere of hostility and mistrust, we can see a climate of friendship, trust, respect and cooperation growing between the two nations if there is a favorable regime change in India,” Lua Jianqing, the expert in China Daily Times said.

“Yes, it includes China’s support to India for gaining entry into NSG and for a permanent seat in UNSC,” he added when the reporter asked him.