AAP leader claims credit for exposing corruption of Lionel Messi


BUENOS AIRES: After a court in Barcelona found footballer Lionel Messi guilty of tax fraud and sentenced him and his father to 21 months in jail, reports about how the footballer was nailed are coming in from various parts of the world.

While most people believe that the footballer was nailed due to the expose carried out by a group of investigative journalists who published Panama Papers, it has now come to light that a political leader in Argentina, where Messi was born and grew up, was responsible for exposing Messi.

Anjolina Dominia, a local leader of AAP (Argentina Autonomist Party) has claimed credit for bringing out corruption of Messi long before the journalists found out his shell companies and bank accounts in Belize and Uruguay.

Ms. Dominia, who is the head of Rosario unit of AAP, claims that she has known Messi from his school days and she suspected him of fraud ever since.

“I knew he was a fraud when the whole world was applauding him for his sporting achievements. His real talent is not sleight of feet, but sleight of hand,” Anjolina Dominia claimed.

Ms. Dominia had called a press conference immediately after Messi was sentenced by the court and she presented various documents to back her claim of exposing Messi’s corruption and malpractices.

Among the documents flashed in the press conference was an attendance register of the school that Messi attended. Anjolina Dominia claimed that entire record in the attendance register was fudged by Messi, who bunked classes to play football.

Ms. Dominia further announced two bank account numbers, which she claimed were Swiss bank account numbers of Messi and his father. “5090160983 and 5090160984, HSBC Bank,” she announced, reading from a chit of paper that she held out.

After his claim, AAP supporters and workers in Argentina congratulated each other for the achievements of Anjolina Dominia and trended hashtags on Twitter in her support.