Rahul Gandhi copying Kejriwal’s strategies the reason why he decided to get married?


NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi is reported to be getting married later this month. The hint of this development was given by independent journalist and renowned thinker Sagarika Ghose on Twitter earlier today. According to reports, Rahul Gandhi will marry a Brahmin girl hailing from Uttar Pradesh.

Many analysts feel that the move by Rahul Gandhi is aimed at winning Uttar Pradesh assembly elections by wooing the Brahmin voters, who had been traditional voters of Congress before they shifted their loyalties to the BJP. Election strategist Prashant Kishore too was reported to have suggested Congress to woo Brahmins.

However sources close to Junta Ka Reporter reveal a different reason why the 45 years old Vice President of Congress had decided to get married. Sources confirm that the reason behind Rahul Gandhi’s decision to get married is indeed political, but it has got nothing to do with Uttar Pradesh.

“Remember Rahul Gandhi has said that he will learn all the good things from AAP and do those in a manner one can not even imagine? He has been following that strategy very seriously,” a source in the Congress party revealed.

“Rahul Gandhi had earlier attacked Narendra Modi over suit-boot, which was basically inspired from Arvind Kejriwal’s attack on Modi over Ambani-Adani. Similarly his claim that BJP is targeting his family is inspired from Kejriwal’s claim that Modi is trying to finish him,” the source explained.

“Now this decision to get married is also inspired from Arvind Kejriwal’s married life,” the source claimed. “Kejriwal is happily married while Modi lives a bachelor life, so Rahul Gandhi decided to follow the Kejriwal model to get success.”

Experts believe that Rahul Gandhi could copy more ideas and style of Arvind Kejriwal in coming days in an attempt to register political success.