High tide at Miramar Beach after Kejriwal visits Panjim, locals say it’s AAP Wave


PANAJI: A rather unusual sighting of high tide was witnessed at one of the beaches here in the capital city of Goa. The incident coincided with Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal visiting the city, and this has led people to talk if the two events were connected.

It should be noted that the meteorological department had not issued any warnings or predicted any high tide for today, yet people confirm that they witnessed tall waves at the Miramar Beach in the evening.

“I was taking my evening walk by the beach when I saw a tide surging forward. I was scared but it didn’t hurt or even wet me. It appeared as if it just wanted to register its presence peacefully,” Gaurav Nagarsekar, a resident of Panjim told Junta Ka Reporter.

Many other residents also confirm that there were tall waves at the beach between 5-6 PM today. People are linking the sighting of the high tide with the presence of Arvind Kejriwal in the city. They especially point to the fact that the high tide didn’t cause any public inconvenience despite it being tall and powerful.

Water cannon on AAP workers

Experts say that waves of water and rise of AAP are interrelated, so people are right in linking high tide with an AAP wave in the state.

“Even Arvind Kejriwal is a tall personality and he is powerful as he is the most popular leader in the country currently. But his movements don’t cause public inconvenience like other VIPs. This can’t be coincidence, it’s a divine sign from god that Kejriwal is in the city,” another resident, Alfred Fernandez said.

Alfred added that he was just an apolitical and neutral person and not an AAP supporter, and that his sentiments reflected what an average Panjim resident thought of the two events – Kejriwal in the city and tall waves at the sea.

Many local residents have started saying that it was actually an “AAP Wave” and not some usual high tide that was witnessed.

“Goa is surely witnessing AAP Wave. Earlier this week an AAP worker helped a blind man regain his sight and now this unusual sighting of high tide. Arvind Kejriwal could well be true when he said that AAP will win 35 out of 40 seats,” local journalist Nigel Britton said.

Goa unit of the Aam Aadmi Party too has echoed these sentiments and said that they will be celebrating sighting of AAP Wave at the Miramar Beach tomorrow.