Colonel Sehrawat’s feud with his father not a family matter, clarifies AAP


NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party has clarified that the feud between Colonel Devinder Kumar Sehrawat, who is party MLA from Bijwasan constituency in Delhi assembly, and his father over some property is not a family matter and that the Colonel deserves strictest of punishment for having a dispute with his dad.

“We are shocked that Modi’s police is not doing anything to arrest Devinder Sehrawat, who has been accused by his father of trying to hurt him,” AAP spokesman Ashutosh said in a press conference, “There is a deal with Narendar (Modi) and Devinder (Sehrawat) to attack Kejriwal.”

AAP was responding to allegations that the party was making an issue of Sehrawat’s feud with his father, but was dismissing charges against its MLAs like Amanatullah Khan and Somnath Bharti as “family matter”.

“You have to be a low IQ person to compare these cases,” Ashutosh said, “In both Amanatullah’s and Somnath’s case, it was a question of a man and woman, here it is a father and a son. This is like comparing apples with oranges.”

“Trying to grab a property is a serious charge, this can’t be compared with family matters like trying to grab a woman,” the AAP spokesperson further said, “Anyone doing this is comparing women with property and this is an insult to women!”

It should be noted that Colonel Sehrawat had recently claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party was not safe for women as many of its leaders had been exploiting women under pretext of politics and social service.

On Twitter, he even hinted that even Arvind Kejriwal was not above the mark:

The accusations by Sehrawat were denied by AAP and it presented proof that Sehrawat was a bad man who was not taking care of his father. In fact, his father had complained to the Delhi Chief Minister more than six months back, but Narendra Modi government did nothing in the case.

When a biased reporter from Zee News asked how could Narendra Modi government be blamed if Colonel’s father had complained to the Delhi Chief Minister, Ashutosh asked him to leave the press conference and reminded everyone that L-G of Delhi was a Modi agent.

“L-G checks all our files. Why did he not check the file against Sehrawat? This is a clear conspiracy of BJP against Arvind Kejriwal,” the former journalist argued.