AAP will implement Uniform Civil Code with special provisions for Muslims: Ashutosh


NEW DELHI: Reports about union government led by the BJP implementing Uniform Civil Code have caused panic and terror among minorities in India, who fear that the intolerant central government could take away their rights and impose Hindutva agenda on them.

With such fears threatening a civil war, the opposition Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has taken the responsibility of calming the nerves. Today AAP promised that the party will not allow the BJP government to succeed in its nefarious designs.

“We are not against Uniform Civil Code, but it should have special provisions for Muslims, Christians and other minority religious groups,” AAP leader Ashutosh clarified party’s stand on the issue.

AAP said that the party has received calls from help from various minority groups, which feared that India will soon be declared a Hindu Rashtra and the voting rights of all religious minorities will be taken away so that BJP wins the 2019 general elections.

“Everyone knows that AAP is going to win the next general elections and Arvind Kejriwal will become the Prime Minister. We stand with our minority brothers and suspect that this could be a conspiracy by Modi to stop Kejriwal from becoming the Prime Minister,” Ashutosh said.

Ashutosh also read a few tweets from young Muslim and Christian citizens who demanded help from AAP. While reading the third tweet, Ashutosh started crying.

“With folded hands I request the tyrant Modi not to destroy the secular fabric of India. BJP’s uniform civil code is actually about making Muslims wear different uniforms as Jews were forced to do in the regime of Hitler,” he added.

A formal Press Release by AAP in this regard is expected soon.