Punjab youth say they have stopped taking drugs after becoming AAP supporters


CHANDIGARH: AAP’s campaign against drug addiction in Punjab is showing positive results. Many young men, who recently started supporting the party, have confirmed that they no longer need any drug after becoming AAP supporters.

“I don’t feel the urge anymore. Earlier I felt there was something lacking in my life. I was low on confidence and I felt nobody loved me in this world. And that’s why I started taking drugs. It took me into a new world where everything appeared perfect,” Manjit Singh, a drug addict turned AAP supporter shared his story.

AAP supporter

An AAP supporter who doesn’t take drugs

“Now after joining groups that support AAP, I don’t feel the need to take drugs. I have gained confidence as I feel I know everything, and all the AAP supporters love me,” Manjit added. “I am happy with my new life.”

Dozens others shared similar stories with Junta Ka Reporter, confirming that supporting AAP had obliterated the need to take drugs.

“Now there is no need to join any rehab or dera to get rid of drug addiction. AAP is the best rehab and dera combined,” revealed Ritesh, another former drug addict.

Most of these ex drug addicts were introduced to AAP after they started watching online videos and reading tweets when high. They watched videos of AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal singing and millions of tweets by AAP supporters, and they were drawn into it.

“Soon we realized that we don’t need drugs anymore,” Manjit said.

Once they supported AAP either in the real world or somewhere online like on social media, they kept going back supporting the party come what may. The experience was similar to taking drugs, and thus they found a perfect substitute and solution for their problems.

Party leaders have expressed happiness at this phenomenon and have claimed that it showed that only AAP was capable of making India a better place and making people’s lives better.

“We are not even in the opposition in the assembly and we’ve brought this change. Imagine how much change we can bring to Punjab once we have the government here!” AAP leader Bhagwant Mann said.

Assembly elections in Punjab are due next year and Aam Aadmi Party is expected to sweep it.