Kejriwal says Padmavati should have compromised, blasts Rajputs against movie


NEW DELHI : Delhi Chief Minister and leading film critic Arvind Kejriwal has finally broken his silence over the ongoing controversy around Padmavati – the upcoming movie about a Rajput queen, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Kejriwal has come out in full support of Bhansali and criticized all the protesting Rajputs.

“Delaying a movie release can’t be tolerated in any situation,” Kejriwal told in an exclusive interview to JKR founder-editor Mr. Javed.

AAP supremo said that he was mentally prepared and ready to review the movie later next month, but now his work schedule is all screwed up because of Rajput leaders who protested against the movie, which allegedly led to movie release date being postponed.

“Modi doesn’t allow me to work and Rajputs don’t allow me to watch movies,” Kejriwal shared his frustration.

Responding to criticisms that Mahipal Singh Makrana, the person who threatened to cut the nose of Deepika Padukone – who plays the role of Queen Padmavati in the movie – was close to him and his party, Kejriwal said that past associations can’t be used to defame him.

“We needed his support when that farmer committed suicide, but we don’t need his support now,” Kejriwal clarified, “But if he thinks he can cut nose of Deepika, he will have to first defeat me in a sword battle.”

Kejriwal supports Deepika

Left (Kejriwal with Makrana). Right (Kejriwal challenging Makrana for a fight over Deepika)

Not just Makrana, Kejriwal blasted all Rajput leaders and activists protesting against the movie, and warned that once AAP makes government in Rajasthan in 2018 and then at center in 2019, all these leaders will be jailed.

When JKR founder-editor Mr. Javed asked Arvind Kejriwal his views on ‘jauhar’, where Hindu women committed suicide by burning themselves alive in order to escape confronting Muslim invaders, Delhi Chief Minister said that his solution to women in such problem remains the same – compromise kar lo.

“They should have given Shri Alauddin Khalji a chance,” Kejriwal said.