AAP’s internal committee gives clean chit to Shirish Kunder in plagiarism case


NEW DELHI: Respected filmmaker and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) member Shirish Kunder has been under attack from BJP supporters, who accuse him of copying a Nepalese short film Bob to make his own original short film Kriti.

With organized and concerted attempts like mass reporting the YouTube link of Kriti, the BJP supporters were successful in getting the YouTube link of Kriti removed earlier today. To malign Kunder further, BJP supporters even made a fake Japanese movie poster to claim that Kriti’s poster was also copied:

With some sections of media believing such charges, AAP decided to form an inquiry committee to look into the issue. The youth wing of AAP was asked by party supremo Arvind Kejriwal – who had watched and liked Kriti – to submit the report within a couple of hours.

Junta Ka Reporter has learned that the committee has submitted its report and given a clean chit to Shirish Kunder. It has found that the two movies are not at all similar, and Kunder deserves all praise for the excellent short film that he has made.

“Some scenes are very very similar and look carbon copy of each other but even AAP’s ‘aam aadmi’ slogan is exactly what Congress used to say; does it mean AAP copied Congress? Of course No!” the report explained why Kriti is not copied.

“The plot and idea of Kriti and Bob are same, but this can’t be called plagiarism. Same illogical arguments were used to claim that Swaraj, book written by Kejriwal sir was plagiarized. But we all know that it was an original and revolutionary book,” the reporter further explained why it thinks Kriti is not a copy of Bob.

Shirish Kunder has welcomed the clean chit and hoped that Google (company that owns YouTube) will now unblock his short film. AAP member and singer-musician Vishal Dadlani too has asked Google to unblock the movie, else the party will be forced to launch a worldwide agitation against the company.