Young man followed by Narendra Modi on Twitter struggling to get married


NEW DELHI: Recently criticism over the kind of people Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been following on Twitter has been on rise, and it seems there is no end to this controversy.

Latest reports suggest that Ankit Jain, a young man in his 20s, has been single and unmarried even though the Prime Minister has been following him for over a couple of years.

Marriage agents say that there is nothing in Ankit that should keep him forever alone but some bad luck has been keeping him single.

“He is a diamond trader and earns good. He is not bad looking as well. And he is generally accepted as a nice guy by people around him, so it’s really a mystery why he is single!” Manu Ram, a marriage bureau owner told Junta Ka Reporter.

Now people are wondering if this is due to him being followed by Prime Minister, which might be bringing him bad luck. People whom Narendra Modi follows have been getting into controversies of late.

“It also shows that all the promises made by Modi are jumla,” Rahul Kaushik, AAP convener from Chandni Chowk claimed, “If his fans can’t even get girls, how can the youth of this country get jobs?”

“But bigger question is if PM Modi should be following such losers!” independent journalist Sagarika Ghose tweeted when the news spread like wildfire.

Sources tell Junta Ka Reporter that Ankit had met the Prime Minister last year hoping that this will change his luck, but he is still unmarried and single.

Earlier this week, he even uninstalled Tinder from his mobile, which shows that even Digital India is not working.