RTI query reveals PM Modi spent Rs 10 crore on mineral water during Navratri fast


NEW DELHI: After Delhi Chief Minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal exposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on spending hundreds of crores of rupees on clothes, now comes the news that PM had spent over 10 crore rupees just on drinking mineral water during his Navratri fast last year.

It should be recalled that PM Modi always promotes his Navrati fasts, where he avoids food and takes only water and sometimes fruit juices. In September 2014 when he was touring US, he refused to have state dinner hosted by the US President because he was fasting. Again, earlier this year in April, there were media reports about his Navrati fast.

Experts have often criticized him for fasting during Navratris but eating normally during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – a double standard that only causes Indian Muslims to feel even more unsafe.

However, now it seems that the country is not just paying the price of this double standards in shape of communal tensions, but it is proving costly for the nation even from the point of view of state exchequer.

An RTI inquiry filed by Junta Ka Reporter has been answered by the Prime Minister’s Office. We had asked the PMO to tell us the amount of money that was spent on buying fruit juices and mineral waters by the Union Government during the Navratri days ever since BJP came to power.

We received the answer from the PMO and the stats were shocking. A whopping ten crore nine lakh twenty eight thousand and forty five rupees were spent by the union government just on buying mineral water and fruit juices.

“This is shocking,” AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal told our reporter when he apprised him of the situation, “In Delhi, AAP government has made water free, while Modi government is spending money like water. People of this country will punish BJP in coming elections.”

Arvind Kejriwal also asked people to Google “Modi” and “water” together, and claimed that hundreds of pictures showing Modi drinking water or holding a glass of water proved that the BJP government has been spending money like water.

He further claimed that the money used to buy water and juices must be going to some big businessmen of India who own water blocks in Gujarat and Mumbai.