Zakir Naik hires Delhi government’s PR agency for image makeover


MUMBAI: Under attack for his speeches that allegedly endorse violence and intolerance, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has announced that he will be using the services of same PR agency that has been chosen by the state government of Delhi for publicity and public relations.

Sources confirm that Zakir Naik has contacted Perfect Relations, the PR agency that was chosen last month by the AAP government of Delhi, and asked it to improve his image the same way it intends to improve Arvind Kejriwal government’s image.

“Zakir Naik thinks he and the Aam Aadmi Party have lot in common, so he can try the same solution that AAP tried,” Yusuf Raza, a close aide of Zakir Naik told Junta Ka Reporter. Yusuf confirmed that Dilip Cherian, head of Perfect Relations has agreed to take the assignment.

Marketing and publicity experts say that Naik has taken the right step as he indeed shares some traits with Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP founder and Delhi Chief Minister.

“Both Zakir Naik supporters and Arvind Kejriwal supporters believe strongly in statements issued by the respective leaders, and the supporters trace their energy to the speeches,” an expert pointed out the similarities in both the cases.

“Both Zakir Naik and Arvind Kejriwal were made popular by speeches broadcasted on television, while their popularity and reach grew exponentially thanks to internet, and now both of them are being targeted by Right Wing Hindu groups,” the expert proved how both the leaders were similar and thus their problems and solutions were also similar.

The details of this arrangement is not known, but sources suggest that even Zakir Naik could be paying something in the range of 200 crores to the PR agency, which is similar to what the Delhi government is reported to be paying to publicize its hard work and good governance.