Singer Abhijeet accused of abusing good old lady who abuses only bad people


MUMBAI: Bollywood playback singer Abhijieet has been accused of abusing an old woman named Swati Chaturvedi, who abuses only bad people on Twitter.

Abusing bad people and their family members is considered a natural reaction and even respected journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai have done it on Twitter. In fact, Rajdeep has even physically hit a bad man and abused him in the real world.

Swati, who is in her 40s, was called “budhiya” by Abhijeet, which is an abusive and disrespectful way of addressing an old lady. Sources confirm that Swati prefers to be called a veteran journalist, and not a budhiya.

Before joining Twitter, Swati used to work with Zee News and host a chat show that was watched by around 100 people regularly. On Twitter, Swati has been even more successful and is followed by thousands of people.

She is known to abuse bad people on Twitter like these:

Sources close to Abhijeet says that the singer thought that it was okay to abuse someone who abuses, but Indian laws don’t allow it. Friends also suggested Abhijeet to claim that his account was hacked, but the singer decided to stick to his tweets calling Swati a besharm budhiya (shameless old woman).

Swati has complained about Abhijeet to Mumbai police about this harassment, and she is confident that she will get Abhijeet jailed for his abusive comments.