Modi govt denying visa to US citizens wanting to visit Mohalla Clinics of AAP govt


NEW DELHI: In yet another example of vindictive politics being played by the Modi government to deny the state government of Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal credit for its good deeds, it has now come to light that the center has been denying visa to those US citizens who wanted to visit Delhi for Mohalla Clinics.

Mohalla Clinics were launched by the AAP government of Delhi to provide affordable and world class medical facilities to people, for free. The initiative has won laurels and praise all across the world and has inspired by many foreigners to come to Delhi for medical tourism.

However, sources in the Indian embassy in the United States of America tell Junta Ka Reporter that the Indian government has been denying visa to all those US citizens who mention “medical treatment at world class Mohalla Clinic” as the purpose of visit in their visa application.

“We have got confirmed reports that officials in the Indian embassy have been asked to reject visa of those wanting to visit Delhi for Mohalla Clinics. Modi government is worried that if a lot of US citizens visit the clinics, Arvind Kejriwal’s government will become even more popular and the chances of AAP winning 2019 general elections will become even stronger,” an embassy employee told us on conditions of anonymity.

A quick search on Twitter, Facebook and Quora confirms that a huge number of US citizens are interested in knowing more about Mohalla Clinics and visiting them to cure their ailments, all of which happens absolutely for free at Mohalla Clinics.

“I pray to god that I get a chance to visit India and get treated at Mohalla Clinic. This sounds better than Obamacare,” Robert Vincent, a citizen of New York had tweeted in May last year.

“Can I register for treatment at Mohalla Clinic in New Delhi while residing at New Jersey?” was a Quora question put up by Sean Sanders, who is suffering from blood cancer and sees AAP government’s initiative as only hope.

All these tweets, status updates, and questions are at least 10 months old and the subsequent posts by the users show that these people in need are yet to visit Delhi for treatment. It proves that none of them have been granted visa by the government of India.

This step by the government has been criticized by activists and experts. “More than hurting Kejriwal, this gives bad name to India. What is Modi government smoking?” neutral commentator Abhay Kumar Dubey said.

After Junta Ka Reporter broke the news, Aam Aadmi Party has condemned this inhuman and cheap behavior by the Modi government. “Entire Modi government is coward and psychopath,” Delhi’s Heath Minister Satyendar Jain said.

Mr. Jain revealed that because of such behavior by the central government, he has appointed his daughter to head the Molalla Clinic initiative so that no person in need is denied good health.

“My daughter is an expert of Twitter, Facebook and Quora, and she can track all such requests and help people. It will also help Mohalla Clinics to go international. If the central government doesn’t give visa, Kejriwal government will issue,” the Health Minister announced.