Delhi man cured of Chikungunya after converting to Islam


NEW DELHI: In a miracle of sorts, a man Rajesh Jhunjhunwala was cured of Chikungunya when he decided to accept Islam – the religion of peace – and become a practicing Muslim. Rajesh was diagnosed with symptoms of the diseases this morning, but doctors found no such symptoms after his first afternoon prayer as a Muslim.

“This is miracle, we have to accept,” Dr. Satyendra Sisodia of Mohalla Clinic in Rohini told Junta Ka Reporter, “We gave him some medicines in the morning, but medicines can’t show effects so soon. This indeed is a blessing from the almighty.”

After accepting Islam, Rajesh has taken up the name “Rifat Javed” as he claimed that he got the idea of converting to Islam after reading tweets of a person of the same name.

“That person publishes pamphlets for Aam Aadmi Party and tweets in support of AAP, and I was following him to troll him,” Rajesh said, “But this morning when I read his tweets on how beautiful it was to convert to Islam and why Indians should try it tout, I somehow didn’t feel like trolling him. I was already depressed because of the diagnosis showing Chikungunya symptoms.”

“Some inner voice told me that maybe I got Chikungunya because I used to troll Rifat Javed too much. So I decided to atone for my sins by becoming a good Muslim like Rifat Javed. And lo and behold! I got cured within hours!” a visibly happy Rajesh-turned-Rifat said.

The news of Chikungunya being cured due to conversion to Islam has spread like wildfire and sources tell us that many Delhi residents are now planning to become Muslim and change their names to Rifat Javed to escape the epidemic.

While this has potential to keep the capital city safe, main opposition party BJP is threatening to bash up anyone becoming a Rifat Javed.

“This is a rumor spread by AAP’s Mohalla Clinic to turn people into AAPtards,” a BJP worker claimed.

But AAP has rejected such charges by biased BJP workers.

“This is shameful. BJP bhakts just think about politics while we think about wellbeing of people. We will provide security to people becoming Rifat Javeds,” AAP spokesperson Ashutosh said.