Arvind Kejriwal’s image magically appears on wall of Gujarati farmer’s house


MEHSANA: In a strange incident that has caught the imagination of entire Gujarat, a farmer in Bakarpur village in Visnagar here today claimed that an image of AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal had magically appeared on his house wall this morning.

The farmer, 53 years old Bharanjibhai Patel, woke up at 6 AM in the morning today and went outside his house to feed his cows. He saw that all his three cows were looking at the same spot and not mooing. He followed the line of sight of his cows and was surprised to see a sketch of Kejriwal on the outside wall of his house.

“I thought that maybe my neighbor Ritardbhai Unjhawala, who is a diehard supporter of Arvind Kejriwal, had drawn the sketch, but when I confronted him, he denied it. No one in the village had seen anyone drawing anything on my wall, so slowly I realized that this was a magical appearance,” Bharanjibhai Patel said.

The fact that the cows were also looking at the image of Arvind Kejriwal has convinced the villagers that this was a divine sign and not any prank by anyone in the village.

After the news spread in the afternoon, people from nearby villages and other parts of Gujarat started flocking Bakarpur village, and the house of Bharanjibhai became a virtual tourist place. Some people were seen praying to the image while some youngsters were seen clicking selfies with Kejriwal’s image.

A team of scientists from ISRO in Ahmedabad had left for Visnagar to investigate the incident, but local villagers are convinced that it was a miracle.

“Kejriwal is the future. Our entire village will definitely vote for AAP,” a resident of Bakarpur told Junta Ka Reporter. Bharanjibhai Patel, who is reported to have voted BJP in the last elections, also says that now he will be voting for AAP in the next year’s assembly elections.

It should be noted that Visnagar is the taluka where BJP leader Narendra Modi was born and had grown up. Analysts believe that it was not a coincidence that Arvind Kejriwal’s image appeared at a village in Visnagar.

“This confirms that Modi is all set to lose at his home state. Kejriwal is all set to replace Modi,” neutral analyst Abhay Kumar Dubey said.

Abhay Kumar Dubey also pointed out that Arvind Kejriwal’s image had appeared on the wall outside the house and not inside; it proved that Kejriwal respected privacy of people and was a responsible leader.

While neutral analysts and local villagers insist that the image had appeared miraculously, local BJP is insisting that it was a scam and a stunt carried out by Ritardbhai Unjhawala.

BJP supporters are reportedly pressuring Bharanjibhai Patel to file a police case against Ritardbhai Unjhawala for defacement of private property, but a changed Bharanjibhai, now an AAP supporter, has refused to do so.